That’s not how any of this works: Optimistic tech reporting isn’t going to ruin AI

Some experts think deep learning is just a clever trick that’s distracting from any actual pursuit of “artificial intelligence,” and therein lies the rub. For all intents and purposes the AI community at-large is becoming split into a “general artificial intelligence or bust” side which opposes the “it doesn’t have to … More details

Aurélien Grosdidier

#Algorithmes, #IntelligenceArtificielle : à la découverte de l’épais rapport de la CNIL | #IA #Éthique–artificielle-a-decouverte-epais-rapport-cnil.htm · Algorithmes, intelligence artificielle : à la découverte de l’épais rapport de la CNIL. Plus de details

CES 2018: LG Introduces Three New CLOi Commercial Robots

They’re big, they’re shiny, they’re charmingly round-ish, but are they actually useful? Image: LG Last year at CES, LG introduced a bunch of new robots because, as near as we could tell, LG figured that robots were cool so they’d better make some robots or something. The most photogenic (and smallest) was Hub, which bore a striking resemblance to Jibo, but we also met two burly service robots designed to work at airports. For CES 2018, LG is adding three more robots to the CLOi (that’s pronounced KLOH-ee, obviously) family. New this year are the Serving Robot, Porter Robot, and Shopping Cart Robot, “developed for commercial use at hotels, airports, and supermarkets,” and it’s definitely not a coincidence that they’re just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, where LG is also based. From the press release: The purpose of the Serving Robot is to deliver meals Continue reading CES 2018: LG Introduces Three New CLOi Commercial Robots

Que doit-on craindre davantage : l’intelligence artificielle ou la bêtise humaine ?

L’intelligence artificielle (IA) a le vent en poupe. À tel point que ses succès, et ses conquêtes, pourraient faire d’elle une grande menace pour l’humanité. L’homme, équipé de sa modeste intelligence naturelle, doit-il donc avoir peur d’une concurrence (déloyale ?) de l’IA ? Se pencher sur cette question … Plus de details