Congrès du PS : une trentaine de cadres du parti publient un manifeste dans le JDD

C’est l’idée même du progrès qui est mise en cause face aux risques climatique et écologique, tout autant que face à l’incompréhension devant les mutations engendrées par la révolution technologique et de l’intelligence artificielle. ” L’action dans les territoires est sans doute le levier le plus puissant … Plus de details

This AI Hunts Poachers

The elephant’s new protector is PAWS, a machine-⁠learning and game-theory system that predicts where poachers are likely to strike Illustration: MCKIBILLO Illustration: MCKIBILLO Every year, poachers kill about 27,000 African elephants—an astounding 8 percent of the population. If current trends continue, these magnificent animals could be gone within a decade. The solution, of course, is to stop poachers before they strike, but how to do that has long confounded authorities. In protected areas like wildlife preserves, elephants and other endangered animals may roam far and wide, while rangers can patrol only a small area at any time. “It’s a two-part problem,” explains Milind Tambe, a computer scientist at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles. “Can you predict where poaching will happen? And can you [target] your patrols so that they’re unpredictable, so that the poachers don’t know the rangers are coming?” To solve both parts of the problem, Tambe and Continue reading This AI Hunts Poachers