Three EECS professors join leadership team

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) has announced the appointment of two new associate department heads, and the creation of the new role of associate department head for strategic directions.  Professors Saman Amarasinghe and Joel Voldman have been named as new associate department heads, effective immediately, says EECS Department Head Asu Ozdaglar. Ozdaglar became department head on Jan. 1, replacing Anantha Chandrakasan, who is now dean of the School of Engineering. Professor Nancy Lynch will be the inaugural holder of the new position of associate department head for strategic directions, overseeing new academic and research initiatives. “I am thrilled to be starting my own new role in collaboration with such a strong leadership team,” says Ozdaglar, who is also the Joseph F. and Nancy P. Keithley Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. “All three are distinguished scholars and dedicated educators whose experience will contribute greatly to shaping the department’s future.”  Continue reading Three EECS professors join leadership team

VIDÉO – “Hello World” : quand une intelligence artificielle compose un album avec des humains

FUTUR – Depuis ce vendredi matin, “Hello World” est disponible en écoute sur Spotify. Cet album a été composé sous la houlette de Flow Machines, une intelligence artificielle développée par un chercheur français. Un projet à la fois musical et scientifique auquel a notamment participé l’artiste Stromae … Plus de details

CES 2018: The Best—and the Craziest—Gadgets of the Show

Autonomous luggage, personal airbags, and a machine that folds clothes caught this reporter’s attention Photo: Stephen Cass Some people like to sneer at gadgets as the trivial amusements of a decadent society. But many technologies that later came to be considered essential parts of modern life began their life as unnecessary technical baubles. For example, in 1970, the first consumer VCR prototype was unveiled at CES, a technology previously only needed by television studios. The home VCR then started the home-viewing and -recording revolution, leading to a critical U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding copyright, and laying the groundwork for YouTube and Netflix. Even when a technology goes nowhere—3D TV glasses anyone?—looking at widgets, gizmos, and novelties can still provide a unique window into larger technological and cultural trends. So I defend the gadget as a worthy object of inquiry, and consequently have spent the last week at CES scouring the Continue reading CES 2018: The Best—and the Craziest—Gadgets of the Show

Que nous réserve la science de 2018?

Mise au-devant de la scène par des méthodes telles que l’apprentissage profond ou les réseaux neuronaux, l’intelligence artificielle a le potentiel de révolutionner beaucoup de domaines en 2018, et l’univers de la science n’est pas en reste. Ces longues séries d’algorithmes mathématiques, dont le … Plus de details