Andrew Ng shared his plans for his newly created AI Fund — with investments including NEA, Sequoia, Greylock Partners, SoftBank Group, and others. Andrew Ng: I am excited to announce the formation of the AI Fund. We have raised $175 million, and will be sequentially initiating new businesses that … More details

Diligent Robotics Bringing Autonomous Mobile Manipulation to Hospitals

Autonomous mobile manipulation is the cutting edge of robotics right now, but Diligent Robotics is already bringing it to market Photo: Carla Diana To experience the state-of-the-art in autonomous mobile manipulation, you’ll want to find some well-funded academic lab to visit. Or maybe check out Google, or Amazon, or Toyota Research, or drop in on the RoboCup@Home competition. Really, the only other place you’re likely to find an autonomous mobile manipulator is in a relatively structured environment in a factory or warehouse, and even that is pretty rare. Mobile manipulation is super hard, especially when you try to do it in a less structured environment which may be full of all sorts of horribly unpredictable things (like humans). Diligent Robotics, a startup founded by Andrea Thomaz and Vivian Chu, is undaunted by the challenge of autonomous mobile manipulation in semi-structured environments. Over the past year, they’ve been testing a one-armed Continue reading Diligent Robotics Bringing Autonomous Mobile Manipulation to Hospitals