We are already Artificial Intelligence

One is what we call consciousness, the mind, is actually something like an artificial intelligence. If the universe is a computer simulation, we are all likely one form of AI or another. In fact, we might come from the same computer that is creating this simulated universe to begin with. If so then it stands to … More details

artificial intelligence target hollywood star

The sexually explicit videos haven’t been stolen by hackers, or commissioned by porn studios featuring celebrity lookalikes. Instead, these clips have been made using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The images, called “deepfakes,” are porn stars with their faces swapped for those of famous … More details

Flint, Jeff et les autres : Des robots-médias à éduquer mais en qui avoir confiance

L’intelligence artificielle a d’ores et déjà pris sa place dans le secteur médiatique, sans toutefois remplacer la tâche rédactionnelle propre aux journalistes. “Avec Flint, nous avons construit une intelligence artificielle dans laquelle nous avons totale confiance” explique le créateur d’un “robot humaniste” … Plus de details