Amazon préparerait sa propre puce d’intelligence artificielle pour améliorer son assistant Alexa

Tout le monde se met réellement à l’intelligence artificielle, notamment Amazon. Selon The Information, le commerçant en ligne a commencé à développer une puce se reposant sur de l’intelligence artificielle afin d’améliorer Alexa, son assistant qui vient concurrencer Siri d’Apple, Google Assistant de … Plus de details

Skydio Demonstrates Incredible Obstacle-Dodging Full Autonomy With New R1 Consumer Drone

The Skydio R1 is years ahead of just about any other autonomous drone we’ve ever seen Image: Skydio Almost two years ago, a startup called Skydio posted some video of a weird-looking drone autonomously following people as they jogged and biked along paths and around trees. Even without much in the way of detail, this was exciting for three reasons: First, the drone was moving at a useful speed and not crashing into stuff using only onboard sensing and computing, and second, the folks behind Skydio included Adam Bry and Abe Bachrach, who worked on high-speed autonomous flight at MIT before cofounding Project Wing at Google[x] (now just called X). The third reason we were excited about Skydio’s drone was that, as much as it looked like a research project, it was actually designed to be commercialized, and today, Skydio is (finally!) announcing their first product: the R1, a fully Continue reading Skydio Demonstrates Incredible Obstacle-Dodging Full Autonomy With New R1 Consumer Drone

Marcel, la première intelligence artificielle qui choisit ses équipiers humains

Certains l’appellent « assistant personnel ». D’autres l’ont baptisé « plateforme collaborative », mais en fait, Marcel c’est le boss. C’est une intelligence artificielle développée par Microsoft pour Publicis qui sera dévoilée le 24 mai prochain lors de Viva Technology. Il doit son nom au créateur de la … Plus de details