Innovation IT : des témoins expliquent comment lui donner une pertinence business

Promouvoir ou mettre expérimenter des innovations telles que l’intelligence artificielle, la blockchain, les chatbots, etc., cela peut faire plaisir à sa direction générale. Mais, concrètement, comment mettre en oeuvre ces technologies pour créer de la valeur business ? Et comment s’assurer qu’une telle … Plus de details

Personalizing wearable devices

When it comes to soft, assistive devices the wearer and the robot need to be in sync. But every human moves a bit differently and tailoring the robot’s parameters for an individual user is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Now, researchers have developed an efficient machine learning algorithm that can quickly tailor personalized control strategies for soft, wearable exosuits. More details

Smart heat control of microchips

Technological progress in the electronics sector, such as higher speeds, reduced costs, and smaller sizes, result in entirely new possibilities of automation and industrial production, without which “Industry 4.0” would not be feasible. In particular, miniaturization advanced considerably in the last years. Meanwhile, physical flow of a few electrons is sufficient to execute a software. But this progress also has its dark side. Processors for industrial production of less than 10 nm in dimension are highly sensitive. By specific overloading through incorrect control commands, hackers might initiate an artificial aging process that will destroy the processors within a few days. To defend such attacks on industrial facilities in the future, researchers are now working on a smart self-monitoring system. More details