Video Friday: Robot Roller Skating, BonsAI Tree, and Thor’s Hammer

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos Photo: ETH Zurich Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. We’ll also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; here’s what we have so far (send us your events!): HRI 2018 – March 5-8, 2018 – Chicago, Ill., USA US National Robotics Week – April 7-17, 2018 – United States Xconomy Robo Madness – April 12, 2018 – Bedford, Mass., USA NASA Swarmathon – April 17-19, 2018 – Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA RoboSoft 2018 – April 24-28, 2018 – Livorno, Italy ICARSC 2018 – April 25-27, 2018 – Torres Vedras, Portugal NASA Robotic Mining Competition – May 14-18, 2018 – Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA ICRA 2018 – May 21-25, 2018 – Brisbane, Australia RSS 2018 – June 26-30, 2018 – Pittsburgh, Pa., USA Ubiquitous Robots 2018 – June 27-30, 2018 – Honolulu, Hawaii Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy today’s Continue reading Video Friday: Robot Roller Skating, BonsAI Tree, and Thor’s Hammer

Solve announces next global challenges

At the March 1 launch event for MIT’s Intelligence Quest, MIT Solve Executive Director Alex Amouyel announced Solve’s next set of challenges: Coastal Communities, Frontlines of Health, Teachers and Educators, and Work of the Future. Solve’s challenges are open to anyone with a relevant solution and the deadline to submit is July 1. Once the new Solver class is selected in September, Solve will then deploy its global community of private, public, and nonprofit leaders to form partnerships these tech entrepreneurs need to scale their impact. “These are big challenges — the type that MIT, founded as a school of practical application, of problem-solving, and of real entrepreneurial spirit, has sought to tackle since its inception,” said Amouyel. “At Solve, we are opening up the doors of a world-class institution to those without an MIT card — because we believe that talent and ingenuity are everywhere.” Over the past six Continue reading Solve announces next global challenges

Google souhaite simplifier la compréhension de l’IA et du Machine Learning grâce à ses propres …

En janvier, Google lançait la bêta de Cloud AutoML Vision, un outil permettant de former une intelligence artificielle sans avoir à coder. Le machine learning et l’intelligence artificielle sont de grands mots derrière lesquels se cachent des technologies de plus en plus utilisées. Google considérant que … Plus de details