HIPAA and Artificial Intelligence – Part I

What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deployed within a health system to apply machine learning to patient information, in part, to allow patients to download information and wellness numbers (such as steps, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels) and to check on their own well-being without coming in … More details

Innovatus brings Virtual reality excitement by combining Artificial Intelligence for next generation …

Her upcoming virtual reality project “Innovatus” not only gives us a glimpse of some of the most beautifully rendered cinematic content, but this experience will also include Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality is a concept that is very new and it’s ground breaking, simply because it … More details

Research Proves Drones Sound Like Bees, Which Is Good News for Elephants

There isn’t much that scares an elephant, but drones designed to sound like bees could help save them Photo: iStock Photo There isn’t much that scares a fully grown African elephant. Lions? Maybe a little bit. Humans? Not really. Mice? Nah, that’s kind of a myth. It turns out that what really scares elephants is something much smaller, although it can fly in large swarms: honeybees. And it makes sense, because an elephant’s bulk doesn’t do much to protect it from bees, which can find all kinds of unpleasant nooks and crannies to sting. Elephants reliably flee from bees, which has led some communities to create fences made of beehives to keep elephants from raiding their crops. It works pretty well. The Duke researchers ran a series of tests to compare bee sounds with drone sounds, and were able to show that especially at the high frequency ranges, the similarities are Continue reading Research Proves Drones Sound Like Bees, Which Is Good News for Elephants

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s : Qualité de photo et intelligence artificielle au cœur de ce nouveau teaser !

Le fabricant a publié une nouvelle image par le biais du réseau social Weibo, image sur laquelle ses capacités en photo et ses fonctionnalités d’intelligence artificielle sont évoquées. Comme tu peux le constater ci-dessous, un appareil photo y est représenté avec l’acronyme “AI” à l’intérieur. Ça donne … Plus de details

Cédric Villani ne souhaite pas la création d’un ministère dédié à l’Intelligence Artificielle

Cédric Villani a été désigné par le président Macron pour mener une mission de réflexion sur le développement stratégique de l’Intelligence artificielle. Il sera ainsi en charge de rédiger un rapport structuré autour de six thèmes important : l’impact de l’IA sur l’emploi, l’écologie, l’éthique, la recherche, … Plus de details