Artificial intelligence in cancer research

Open to: Academic | Student. Through this AI meeting, the UCL Cancer Domain is bringing the community together to identify innovative uses of AI and advanced analytic methodologies, and consider societal, medical and ethical implications, as well as discuss opportunities and challenges around data … More details

Ubiquity Robotics Launches Beefy ROS Development Platform

With a payload of 100 kilograms, Magni aims to make it easy to prototype a useful mobile robot Image: Ubiquity Robotics There are any number of robotics development platforms out there, and we’ve written about most of them—TurtleBots, iRobot Creates, and more recently robots like Misty. Generally, these platforms are intended to be used for experimenting with sensors and software, or for more socially-oriented applications that don’t involve much in the way of lifting or moving stuff. A Silicon Valley startup called Ubiquity Robotics believes that there’s an opportunity here, and they’re crowdfunding a robot called Magni that’s specifically designed to handle large payloads for long durations. It comes with sensing and computing out of the box, and Ubiquity hopes it’ll enable hobbyists to create a new generation of practical robotic solutions. Here’s what you get with Magni: Payload: 100 kg Drive System: 2 x 200 W hub motors, 2 Continue reading Ubiquity Robotics Launches Beefy ROS Development Platform