BRAUN: The robots should hurry up

Last Sunday, we wrote about the role of Artificial Intelligence in Sexbots, those silicone sirens who can eventually ‘learn’ your shagging preferences. Sort of. You don’t need a sex buddy to engage with A.I. We’re surrounded by examples of machine learning in everyday life, from the spam filter on your … More details

Ed Sheeran or Michael Jackson? Michael. Always.

I have a whole generation of kids from my streets going to college and being educated, I’m part of a movement of people working in technology and artificial intelligence trying to make a better future. Today we have racism, sexism, a celebrity president, Donald Trump, and that’s scary. Tomorrow we can … More details

Florence Parly présente son plan en faveur de l’intelligence artificielle

A l’occasion du lancement de l’étude « Man Machine Teaming » (MMT), qui vise à développer l’intelligence artificielle (IA) pour l’aviation de combat, Florence Parly, ministre des Armées, a présenté vendredi 16 mars à Saint-Cloud sa feuille de route en matière d’intelligence artificielle (IA) et d’innovation … Plus de details