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Bipedal Robot Uses Jet-Powered Feet to Step Over Large Gaps

Ducted fans in its toes help this robot to balance while taking giant steps Photo: Guangdong University of TechnologyThe ducted fans on Jet-HR1’s feet allow the robot to stretch its legs out farther without falling and take bigger steps than it normally would be able to. As you may have noticed, bipedal robots have a tendency to fall over. This often happens when the robots are trying to take a step, because stepping involves balancing on one foot while moving. All steps aren’t equal, of course—you’ve got easy steps, when you’re walking slowly across a flat surface, and you’ve got hard steps, when you’re trying to avoid an obstacle by stepping over it or across it. Both robots and humans are constrained in the kinds of steps we’re able to take by (among other things) how far we can stick a leg out without falling over. Humans mitigate this to Continue reading Bipedal Robot Uses Jet-Powered Feet to Step Over Large Gaps

Aéroplan s’associe à Amazon, des assistants virtuels pour la Banque de Montréal: l’actualité …

Le conglomérat français des cosmétiques L’Oréal met la main sur ModiFace, une société torontoise spécialisée dans la réalité augmentée et l’intelligence artificielle permettant aux consommateurs d’essayer des produits de beauté ou de faire des diagnostics de peau via appareils mobiles. ModiFace … Plus de details