Video Friday: Science Lab Robot, Will Smith’s Android Date, and Soft Robotic Gripper

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos Image: Soft Robotics Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. We’ll also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; here’s what we have so far (send us your events!): US National Robotics Week – April 7-17, 2018 – United States Xconomy Robo Madness – April 12, 2018 – Bedford, Mass., USA NASA Swarmathon – April 17-19, 2018 – Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA RoboSoft 2018 – April 24-28, 2018 – Livorno, Italy ICARSC 2018 – April 25-27, 2018 – Torres Vedras, Portugal NASA Robotic Mining Competition – May 14-18, 2018 – Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA ICRA 2018 – May 21-25, 2018 – Brisbane, Australia RSS 2018 – June 26-30, 2018 – Pittsburgh, Pa., USA Ubiquitous Robots 2018 – June 27-30, 2018 – Honolulu, Hawaii Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy today’s videos. As far as I can tell, biologists Continue reading Video Friday: Science Lab Robot, Will Smith’s Android Date, and Soft Robotic Gripper

Artificial Intelligence Intern

At STATS, we have a world-class artificial intelligence team which has the aim to maximize the value of the enormous amount of sports data that we have at our disposal. As an Artificial Intelligence Intern, you will work with our AI researchers on any one of a wide-range of interesting projects at STATS, … More details

Intelligence artificielle : «Nous créons plus de fluidité entre la recherche publique et les entreprises»

Jeudi, Emmanuel Macron a dévoilé sa stratégie pour le développement de l’intelligence artificielle. Une enveloppe de 1,5 milliard d’euros va être investie d’ici à 2022, en faveur des entreprises, de l’éducation et de la recherche. Frédérique Vidal, ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche … Plus de details