NVIDIA Launches New Robotics Lab in Seattle

Dieter Fox tells us about his plans for NVIDIA’s new robotics lab NVIDIA is not particularly well known for robotics, but that’s about to change. As of just a few weeks ago, NVIDIA has established a shiny new robotics research lab in Seattle, within an easy stroll of the University of Washington. The NVIDIA AI Robotics Research Lab is led by Dieter Fox, a professor of computer science and engineering at UW, and will eventually grow to house “close to 50 research scientists, faculty visitors, and student interns.” NVIDIA’s goal is to help robots make the difficult transition from working in the lab just long enough to publish a paper to working out in the real world in a reliable and useful way.

3Q: Judah Cohen on improving seasonal weather forecasting

Judah Cohen, a climatologist and visiting scientist in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is focused on improving the science of seasonal weather forecasting, in particular the winter forecasts so many people anxiously (or eagerly) await. Cohen is currently investigating the impacts of snow cover and sea ice variability on the winter climate, and how warming in the Arctic is influencing winter weather around the world. He also maintains an active Twitter account and blog, where he posts real-time weather predictions and delves into the art and science of seasonal weather forecasting. In a recent opinion article published in WIREs Climate Change, Cohen advocates for more use of machine learning in seasonal forecasting. Machine learning systems, trained on historical data, could be used to build a forecasting model that could make predictions for the coming days, weeks, and even months, if current weather conditions were provided, he explains. MIT Continue reading 3Q: Judah Cohen on improving seasonal weather forecasting