Video Friday: This Robot Is Learning to Slice Onions

The best robot videos from the world’s biggest robotics conference We hope you’ve been enjoying our ICRA 2019 coverage, which has featured an upgraded Salto robot jumping outdoors, a new version of the HyQ quadruped pulling a plane, and a promising new approach to robot simulation and learning. We’ll have lots more from the conference over the next few weeks, but for you impatient types, we’re cramming Video Friday this week with a selection of ICRA videos. As usual with our Video Friday ICRA editions, we tried to cover many different areas of robotics: control, humanoids, manipulators, aerial vehicles, AI, etc. We’re posting the abstracts along with the videos, but if you have any questions about these projects, let us know and we’ll get more details from the authors. And of course, this is just a small sample of an enormous amount of amazing research presented at ICRA—if you don’t see your favorite project here, please email us and we’ll Continue reading Video Friday: This Robot Is Learning to Slice Onions