Video Friday: Drone Helps Explore World’s Deepest Ice Caves

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Monitoring sleep positions for a healthy rest

MIT researchers have developed a wireless, private way to monitor a person’s sleep postures — whether snoozing on their back, stomach, or sides — using reflected radio signals from a small device mounted on a bedroom wall. The device, called BodyCompass, is the first home-ready, radio-frequency-based system to provide accurate sleep data without cameras or sensors attached to the body, according to Shichao Yue, who will introduce the system in a presentation at the UbiComp 2020 conference on Sept. 15. The PhD student has used wireless sensing to study sleep stages and insomnia for several years. “We thought sleep posture could be another impactful application of our system” for medical monitoring, says Yue, who worked on the project under the supervision of Professor Dina Katabi in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Studies show that stomach sleeping increases the risk of sudden death in people with epilepsy, he Continue reading Monitoring sleep positions for a healthy rest