Jim Breyer Calls for Tech Awareness

Breyer Capital Founder and C.E.O. Jim Breyer, speaking at The New York Times’s 2018 New Work Summit, spoke about getting universities to train future doctors, lawyers and other professionals in A.I. and other technologies to ensure the most beneficial outcomes for society. More details

Robo-picker grasps and packs

Unpacking groceries is a straightforward albeit tedious task: You reach into a bag, feel around for an item, and pull it out. A quick glance will tell you what the item is and where it should be stored. Now engineers from MIT and Princeton University have developed a robotic system that may one day lend a hand with this household chore, as well as assist in other picking and sorting tasks, from organizing products in a warehouse to clearing debris from a disaster zone. The team’s “pick-and-place” system consists of a standard industrial robotic arm that the researchers outfitted with a custom gripper and suction cup. They developed an “object-agnostic” grasping algorithm that enables the robot to assess a bin of random objects and determine the best way to grip or suction onto an item amid the clutter, without having to know anything about the object before picking it up. Continue reading Robo-picker grasps and packs