Diplomatic insight of artificial intelligence

Recently during a discussion on the ‘Comparative Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Diplomacy and Public Administration’, a similar manifestation influenced the spirit of opinion and standpoint of all, dimensionally. The problems of collective nature have always received a good deal of attention from … More details

CloudEngage Announces Chord, The First Live Chat Solution To Combine Artificial Intelligence

There is no other live chat solution that combines intelligent segmentation, conversational learning, and robust content delivery. Rather than having to log in to an external chat client, agents interact with visitors on their own website. Conversations persist, adding information to the user profile over time, … More details

4 Steps To Future-Proof Your Career

And by technology, we also mean advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things. Some companies are beginning to democratize AI by building user-friendly platforms that will allow some of their employees to build their own AI applications. “Demand for … More details

Drone Delivery, If Done Right, Could Cut Emissions

To make drone package delivery green, look at drone size, electricity source, and warehouses, researchers say Illustration: iStockphoto Drone delivery is expected to take off big time in the next few years.  Chinese online retailer JD.com has already launched drone delivery in four provinces in China, while  DHL  and Zipline are delivering medicines with drones in rural and hard-to-reach areas.  Amazon , Google, and UPS are all working on getting drone delivery service off the ground.  There are a lot of issues to think about when it comes to package delivery using drones—safety, privacy, and logistics being some of the main concerns. In a new study, researchers tackle two other important aspects: energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Drones could use less energy and spew fewer emissions into the air than trucks, researchers say. But that advantage diminishes as drones get bigger and use dirty electricity to recharge. “If you’re delivering a Continuer la lecture Drone Delivery, If Done Right, Could Cut Emissions